Magnets & Solenoids

Positions: 5
DGV-50.95-5W-24FA Rotary Solenoid DGV-50.95-5W-24FA Rotary Solenoid
  • Order code:1-131253
  • Manufacturer:Isliker Magnete
DGV-50.95-100W-24FA Rotary Solenoid DGV-50.95-100W-24FA Rotary Solenoid
  • Order code:1-133131
  • Manufacturer:Isliker Magnete
53645-80 Linear solenoid 53645-80 Linear solenoid
  • Order code:1-133802
  • Manufacturer:Deltrol Controls
GE-40.08-100S-230GF3. 0 Linear Solenoid GE-40.08-100S-230GF3. 0 Linear Solenoid
  • Order code:1-134131
  • Manufacturer:Isliker Magnete
Positions: 5
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