14 / 03 / 2017

Sibelektronimport company has passed the ISO 28000:2007 certification

Sibelektronimport Group LLC has successfully passed certification and received certificates of compliance to ISO 28000:2007 supply chain security within the framework of the annual inspection audit of the quality management system.


The ISO 28000:2007 standard is an international standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in response to the need of the global business community to strengthen the security of goods, vehicles and transport infrastructure facilities from the threats of terrorism, smuggling and theft. The main objective of the ISO 28000:2007 standard is to strengthen transport security and unify the requirements for safety management systems (SMB).

Obtaining a certificate is an important certificate:

  - building an effective, safe and reliable supply chain in the Sibelektronimport company,

  - reduction and optimization of terms for the development and implementation of logistics schemes,

  - improvements to delivery routes.

The quality management system, developed in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 28000:2007 standard, allows you to effectively and consistently meet the requirements of customers, suppliers and other interested parties. It also helps Sibelektronimport to reduce costs and optimize its business processes, providing the necessary level of trust from partners in the Russian and international markets.